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Good Vibrations

Omaha Chamber Music Society has embarked on an epic quest! We have partnered with Omaha Public Schools and Sarah Gray of Sarah Gray Restorations to start a new program called Good Vibrations.  The goal is to repair and restore stringed instruments owned by students who attend Title I secondary schools in OPS. 

Many of these instruments are in dire need of repair. Some have been lovingly passed down through families and some were special purchases for children who expressed interest in making music. However, they have never seen the inside of a repair shop and desperately need attention. The funds for maintenance and repair are simply not there for these young string players. 

That’s where you come in. Join our epic quest! 

Please make a donation to Omaha Chamber Music Society’s Good Vibrations today.  Give these instruments – and their students – the glorious sound of an instrument that is free to sing.

Let’s make some music!